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Developer Agreement - what should you know before purchasing a flat?

Purchasing your own apartment involves extensive formalities and is subject to numerous legal regulations and legal acts. They impose different obligations on both parties concluding the transaction but also grant them certain rights. A Developer Agreement is a basic document, which has to be signed when purchasing a flat on primary market, while the investment is still in progress and the real estate has yet to receive an occupancy permit. How does the document protect the purchaser’s interests and what should you know about it before purchasing a flat? Here are the key facts!


How to buy an apartment – ten steps to getting your own flat

Are you considering buying an apartment from a developer or perhaps an aftermarket one, wondering how to choose the right flat for you? Do you want to learn more about what you should focus on when buying an apartment? We prepared a guide for you that will help you at various stages of buying your own flat, since it covers ten key aspects, starting from choosing the market, apartment and developer, through development agreement, financing your purchase, to the walkthrough of the premises after construction and turnkey finishing options.