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Renaissance of development investments in Łódź
Purchase of a new shell condition apartment in Łódź is a great idea for an investment. The city itself is more and more encouraging on what concerns living in it and tying one's future with it. The sale of apartments in Łódź is constantly growing. The reason is simple – they are still cheaper than apartments of similar standard in other large Polish cities. This situation, however, will not last long because the prices and value of new shell condition apartments in Łódź are rising at probably the fastest pace in the whole country. It is all because Łódź has changed significantly in recent years and now attracts more and more people who want to buy or rent an apartment. Most of them are interested in the Śródmieście district, but there are also other convenient locations, usually not far from the very city centre. On the one hand, it provides good access and the possibility of using public transport or bike path network, on the other, it allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city after work.
Apartments in Łódź for sale – discover the offer of Mota-Engil Real Estate Management
When you look for new shell condition apartments in Łódź, checking the offer of Mota-Engil Real Estate Management is a must. The offer includes a wide selection of investments in attractive locations – when choosing a place for a new housing estate, the investor is always guided by the comfort of future residents and their access to basic service, cultural or educational points. The new apartments in Łódź offered by the Mota-Engil Real Estate Management draw attention by the variety of choices, including studio and multi-room apartments. All are characterized by high quality workmanship and finishing. The inhabitants of new housing estates will also be provided with numerous amenities, such as additional areas (balcony, loggia, terrace, storage rooms), garage and above-ground parking spaces, as well as a playground.