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Development investments in Krakow

Krakow is one of the most important cities in Poland in terms of development investments for Mota-Engil Real Estate. The city is extremely attractive to the incoming population, since it offers high-quality jobs, education, as well as a vast entertainment and cultural offer. Krakow is also a city of students and tourists, and according to some estimates, the capital of Małopolska houses up to 200,000 of the former. What is more, each year millions of visitors come to Krakow to experience its unique atmosphere. Therefore, the development investments carried out by Mota-Engil Real Estate are adapted not only to the requirements and expectations of Krakow’s residents, but also entrepreneurs looking for commercial premises located in attractive areas of the city, which will ensure a sufficiently large number of customers, resulting in significant revenues.
Commercial premises in Mota Engil Real Estate development projects
Choosing the right business premises is key to the success of a business – especially in sectors such as small trade, services or small catering outlets. Commercial premises in Krakow, like in any other city, should be characterised by a number of key features. First of all, they need to have an appropriate usable area, tailored to the needs of the business. Commercial premises in development projects carried out in Krakow by Mota-Engil Real Estate are offered in all shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for both a small, local store, as well as a larger bistro or hairdressing salon. No service outlet can operate without customers. In the current climate, flats sell rather quickly, which is why your business will see a lot of customers from its closest neighbourhood. What is more, Mota-Engil Real Estate makes every effort to locate its investments in attractive areas, with good access to public transit and easy private access.