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Privacy and cookies policy

The Privacy Policy of the website is aimed at persons who use the latter, hereinafter referred to as Users. It presents a range of data pertaining to personal identification of a User which is collected by the Owner of the website and mechanisms for ensuring its privacy (resulting from legal provisions). The role of Privacy Policy is also to fulfil the information requirement in relation to a person to whom data pertains (User).

1. Data collected by owner of website:

  • IP addresses of a User in case of uploading by the User
  • cookies

and additionally, in case of sending an inquiry with the use of the form which is available on the website, also:

  • phone
  • full name

2. Method of collecting data

The data of a User may be collected automatically by the server or provided by the User in the course of sending by them an inquiry to the owner of the website.

3. Method of using data

The data of Users is utilised with a view to producing statistics on visiting the website and maintaining contact with the Users. The data of Users is not made available to other entities, with the exclusion of entities which have been authorised under legal provisions.

The data of Users transferred by them in order to send an inquiry is utilised for the purpose of replying to User's inquiries (contact with a User on the issue of an inquiry). The data of Users is not made available to other entities, with the exclusion of entities which have been authorised under legal provisions.

4. Contact with User

The owner of the website allows for contact with Users with a view to informing them about changes in the website and its services.

In case of any questions or doubts about the Privacy Policy, please direct your questions to the following address:

5. Making changes to personal data of User

Each User may in writing, by phone or e-mail report to the owner of the website a change in their personal data.

6. Information requirement

a) The administrator of personal data of the website's Users is Mota-Engil Real Estate Management Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Cracow at ul. Wadowicka 8W.

b) Personal data of a User is processed for purposes specified in point 3 of Privacy Policy.

c) Each User has the right of access to the content of their personal data and to correct it.

d) Providing data by a User is non-obligatory.

6. Policy on using cookies by the website.

a) Cookies are IT data, in particular text files which are stored in a terminal of a website User and intended for using webpages of the website. Cookies normally contain the name of the webpage from which they come from, the time for which they have been stored on a terminal and a unique number;

b) The entity that places cookies on the terminal of the website's User and which gains access to them is the owner of the website;

c) The cookies mechanism is not used for gaining any information on the website's Users or for tracking their navigation. Cookies used on the website do not store any personal data or other information collected from Users and are intended for statistical purposes;

d) The default software used for browsing webpages (web browser) allows handling cookies on the hardware of a User on which the browser is running. In most cases the software in this regard can be configured on one's own, including i.a. enforcing automatic blocking of cookies. Issues relating to the configuration of the method of handling of cookies are included in the settings of the software (web browsers). It is important to bear in mind that setting to limitations in relation to the handling of cookies may affect the operation of some functionalities of the website;

e) Cookies are used in order to:

  • customise the content of webpages of the website to a User's preferences and optimise the use of webpages; in particular cookies enable the identification of the User's hardware and a proper display of a webpage which is customised to the User's individual needs;
  • producing statistics which help understand in what manner the website's Users use the webpages, what enables the improvement in their structure and content.

f) On the website the following cookies are applied:

  • PHPSESSID - for the analysis of a User's session - utilised by the website
  • resolution - for checking the resolution of a User's screen - utilised by the website
  • _dc_gtm_UA-73017422-1 - used by Google Analitics - utilised by Google
  • _ga - used by Google tag manager - utilised by Google

7. Links to other webpages included in the website

The owner of the website informs that it includes links to other websites. The owner of the website recommends familiarising oneself with privacy policies which are applicable thereon as the owner is not responsible for them.

8. Securing the data of Users on the website

The description of technical and organisational protective measures is included in Security Policy (concerning the protection of personal data) of the owner of the website. In particular, the following protective measures apply:

a) Data which is downloaded automatically by the server is secured by mechanism for the authentication of access to the website.

b) The access to the administration of the website is provided with the use of the mechanism for authentication.

9. Information concerning amendments to Privacy Policy

In the event that applicable Privacy Policy is amended, appropriate modifications to the content thereof will be introduced.